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Discover the joy and happiness of making art for fun. Paint Party Social Club is a mobile art and craft entertainment company based in London, UK. We bring art to your party and together we make colourful, happy memories.

Our artsy workshops are fantastic options for team-building or bonding events, staff appreciation workshops; private parties and hen-do’s, fundraising events and last but not least – socialising with a twist.

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Paint Party Pinkie Pop Flamingo

September 7at7:00 pm - 9:30 pm BST

Paint Party Watercolour Jellyfish

October 12at6:30 pm - 9:00 pm BST

Paint Party Walk in the forest

November 16at6:30 pm - 9:00 pm GMT

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Bride to be banner with a woman holding a glass of prosecco


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Girls partying


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Popup art bar Paint party London


Christmas paint party


Google review
Mariella was an absolute delight to deal with in organising a special friend's Hen's afternoon! Very simple to organise but with all the relevant information. The way she set up the room was beautiful, and just made it that little extra special. Her 'artist' was absolutely lovely, and went at a pace everyone found simple and had a great personality that bought the room to life. Everyone was so pleasantly surprised and proud with their paintings at the end and had a really wonderful time! Thank your Mariella & Kiki! :) x
Kate Neilson
Kate Neilson
Fantastic afternoon for my mums 60th. Mariella is patient, kind and enthusiastic. We had a brilliant time under her guidance and would do again! Highly recommend.
Mitsu Shah
Mitsu Shah
Thank goodness I stumbled upon the Merriment Atelier website while trying to organise a painting party for my 40th birthday celebrations! The moment I spoke to Mariella about my plans I knew that the day would be perfect. She was so flexible with my requirements and went out of her way to find the perfect venue for my event. I found it so easy to arrange around my busy lifestyle since Mariella organised everything including the food and drinks. She brought all of the equipment and set everything up elegantly with the theme of the painting. Even the music was to the theme! Her lovely artist, Ciara was also a pleasure to meet. She was extremely patient and taught us techniques so all of us were able to produce wonderful pieces of work. The day was so calm, relaxing and fun. I had the perfect celebration, thank you! I would highly recommend any event organised by Mariella and her team and look forward to my next event with Merriment Atelier.
Sivakami Maheswaran
Sivakami Maheswaran
The paint and sip party organised for a friend’s 40th was an absolute joy to attend. Ciara and Mariella were fantastic facilitators and very encouraging through the session, as a non-painter I was thrilled with the outcome :) Thank you for a lovely Sunday. Would definitely recommend.
Radhika Kale
Radhika Kale
Fabulous party, a lovely time spent with friends and great hosts. It was a real joy to be painting again! I would definitely recommend the paint and sip parties to newbies and those with experience. Thank you for making the day so much fun!
Lucy Price
Lucy Price
Carl Wilson
Carl Wilson
Recently my friend and I attended a Merriment Atelier workshop. We had such a wonderful time. The instructor was fantastic and knowledgable, and explained the process to create the painting step by step. I definitely recommend their workshops!
Valeri puccini
Valeri puccini
Mariella Wilson
Mariella Wilson


What is a paint and sip or paint and drink party?2021-10-08T12:44:16+01:00

A paint-and-sip party or paint and drink party can be a social or private event, where all the guests have a non-fine art class with a professional art tutor. The guests can have wine, prosecco or other alcoholic or non-alcoholic drinks. This party is all about having a great time, learning new skills and creating happy memories.

Do I need any painting experience?2021-10-08T12:44:34+01:00

Our paint parties aren’t fine art classes and no experience is required. We will lead you step by step on how to paint, so by the end of the event, you’ll have a complete, lovely-looking painting.

What type of paint party can you offer?2021-10-08T12:44:42+01:00
  • Birthday Parties
  • Hen do’s party
  • Girls night out
  • Mom’s night out
  • Team bonding parties
  • Corporate Events
  • Team Building Events
  • Office Parties
  • Charity events
  • Anniversary Parties
  • Christmas parties
  • Seasonal celebrations
  • Reunions
  • Date Nights
  • Any kind of Tailor-made paint parties and many more
How does a paint party go?2021-10-08T12:44:51+01:00

Depending on the experience you choose to attend (classic or premium), we invite you to arrive approx. 30 minutes early, so you’ll have time to socialise with other guests and your friends. We’ll register you with your name and email and we can give you a loyalty card (if you don’t have one already). If you have one, we’ll sign it for you, then grab a drink and make your way to the station you’d like to have. Seating is first-come, first-served, so coming early will always give you a better choice. We aim to start on time. If you’re running late, you can quickly sit and pick up from where the rest of the guests are.

There will be a break of 15-20 minutes for refreshments where you can get more drinks & snacks. About 10-15 minutes before the party finishes, we’ll take a group photo, so you can share your experience with other friends and family on social media. If you tag us, you can win a free ticket for one of our future events. More information about this during the paint party.

Often, we have door prices, so you can expect some lovely surprises.

What’s included in my ticket?2021-10-08T12:44:59+01:00

The ticket includes everything you need for the paint party experience – all of the art supplies – canvases, paints, brushes, easels, aprons, palettes, water cups, napkins, table cloths, and a PA system for playing feel-good music as well as a wireless microphone so guests can hear us teach (this is for larger groups). The workshops last approximately 2 hours for classic and 3 hours for premium, led by an art instructor.

Do you have any drinks included in the ticket price?2021-10-08T12:45:06+01:00

There are no drinks and food included in the ticket; however, sometimes we run special offers and you may get a glass of bubbly, wine or a cocktail. This will be included on the event description page.

Is there particular clothing I have to wear?2021-10-08T12:45:14+01:00

For our paint parties, we mainly use acrylic paints. This medium can easily be cleaned off any surface, hands and skin, but not off textile. We’ll provide you with an apron; however, just to be safe, you may consider wearing something you don’t mind getting paint on.

What locations do you use for social, private and corporate parties?2021-10-08T13:05:17+01:00

You may wonder, where can you have a paint and drink party? The answer is – everywhere convenient for you.

We’re a mobile paint party company, so we can come to your home, office or your chosen venue. If you need us to help you find a venue, we can offer you this via one of our venue partners free of charge or we can find a venue for you for a small fee.

We bring all supplies; however, you will be responsible for providing tables and chairs.

Our social paint and wine parties are hosted in local venues.

Do you take pictures and videos during the paint party?2021-10-08T13:05:26+01:00

We’d love to capture all happy moments and share them with you and our happy community. We usually take pictures during the party, as we want to track the painting progress of our guests’ paintings. We take a group picture with all guests and their gorgeous masterpieces at the end of the paint party.

If you follow us on https://www.instagram.com/merrimentatelier/  and https://www.facebook.com/merrimentatelier, you can see all the pictures and reshare them with your friends. If you don’t want us to use your pictures on our social media, please let us know in advance.

What can I do if I buy a ticket for the paint party but cannot attend?2021-10-08T13:05:32+01:00

If for some reason, you’re not able to join a social paint party, you can easily reschedule your ticket. Please email us at hello@paintpartysocialclub.co.uk and let us know which form of our upcoming events you’d like to reschedule.

Can I cancel a booking and get a refund?2021-10-08T13:06:00+01:00

You can cancel your booking and get a refund up to 14 days before the event. If less than 14 days, you can only reschedule for another day.

How can I book a private paint party?2021-10-08T13:03:29+01:00

It’s super easy to book a private party or team bonding event. Fill in an enquiry form so we can check availability and download our corporate or private events brochure. Please note: Private parties and corporate events are based on availability. When you select the type of experience you’d like to book, simply fill out the form provided in the brochure.

We’ll provide you with an individual proposal based on your requirements such as day, time, materials, and other specifics.

As soon as you make the deposit for your paint party, you’ll get access to our artsy library so you can select the painting for your party. If you’d like to have a tailor-made party and would like us to create a custom painting, we’ll discuss this in detail and will give you the deadline.

The final balance payment for our classic events is 14 days before the party and 30 days for our premium events.

What is the minimum number of guests for private parties and corporate events?2021-10-08T13:03:22+01:00

For all private parties, the minimum number of guests is 10. For corporate events, the minimum number of guests is 15. You can book a party for less than the minimum number of guests; however, there is a minimum fee for both private and corporate events.

Can I cancel a private or corporate event?2021-10-08T13:03:16+01:00

Our cancellation policy allows you to cancel a private party or classic corporate paint party for up to 14 days before the event and 30 days for premium events. However, we encourage you to reschedule the event instead of cancelling.

Do you have a referral program?2021-10-08T13:03:09+01:00

Yes, we are happy to offer a £20 referral fee for recommending us for a private party and £50 if you put us forward for a corporate event. You’ll receive the referral fee as soon as the booking is confirmed and payment in full is made.

Are your paint parties and events COVID-19 safe?2021-10-08T13:03:02+01:00

We strictly follow the government requirements to make sure that all our guests and staff are having a great time in a safe and COVID-19 free environment.

What if the event is cancelled due to COVID19 or other unexpected reasons?2021-10-08T13:02:55+01:00

We won’t refund but we will reschedule the event for another day and you can use the same ticket to attend.

Have more questions? We’re happy to help!

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