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hi there,

I’m Mariella, the creative spirit behind Paint Party Social Club. So how did I go from being Bulgaria’s first certified wedding planner to running London’s most vibrant paint and sip events, which was featured as one of the top paint and sip events in London? Grab a cuppa, and let me share my kaleidoscopic journey with you!

My Story

Way back in 2004, I launched “Fairytale Day,” a boutique wedding agency in Bulgaria. With a stellar team, we planned over 300 luxe weddings, even rubbing shoulders with celebs along the way! But in 2009, the global recession hit us hard. A tough call, but we packed our bags for a new chapter in the UK.

Originally, the dream was to expand our wedding planning business in London. Let’s just say life had other plans. So I switched gears, first immersing myself as a beauty and makeup consultant. Eventually, I got my groove back as an event planner at a five-star hotel, and then I jumped into destination wedding consultancy in Kingston-Upon-Thames. Then, enter 2020—the year that turned everything upside down.

Stranded alone at home during the pandemic, I was struck with a realisation: What truly makes me buzz is sparking joy and creativity in others. Inspired by the trend of online art classes, a lightbulb went on. Why not blend my event-planning expertise with a sprinkle of art and a dash of wine?

Thus, the Paint Party Social Club was born. Picture this: A relaxed evening where you’re painting your next masterpiece and sipping exquisite wine, surrounded by soon-to-be friends. Your sanctuary from the London hustle, your canvas of serenity.

Our mission? To become the go-to hub in South West London for unforgettable social events that unleash your inner artist. We’re here to spread the gospel of creativity, one paint stroke at a time.

So, what are you waiting for? Come and be a part of our vibrant community.


Let’s make art, memories, and a whole lot of happiness!

Warm hugs,

Mariella Wilson 💖

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