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I don’t know about you, but I consider Spring to be the season of joy. I normally like to welcome this beautiful season by painting something beautiful with acrylic paints. 

All those lovely spring flowers, cherry blossoms, and colourful butterflies… Bright, golden-yellow balls of light shine from the sun’s rays. They make everything they touch look new. Spring is the ideal season because of the better weather and longer daylight hours.

When the weather improves, everyone is happier. In an artist’s mind, the world looks like a canvas, and it makes me want to paint something beautiful. Enjoy the long summer hours and take in the colours, fragrances, and feel of Spring. This delightful season inspires enthusiasm, motivation, and positivity while also allowing for creative thought.

Spring has a beautiful colour pallet that will easily encourage you to pick up a brush and unleash your inner artist. What could be better than a blank canvas and a bag of acrylic paints to experiment with? Add a glass of delicious drink, have fun, listen to some feel-good music, and let your creativity run wild.

Here are a few ideas for paintings you might learn to paint this spring to bring the outdoors inside your house. By the way, all of those painting ideas are projects from our Artsy library. In other words, if you come to one of our social painting parties, you will be able to paint with us! (check out the events calendar). If you have a birthday party or hen do, you can hire us to plan the event for you. YOu can choose from more than 100 paintings.


girl with dog in the park

When we think of spring, the first thing that springs to mind is flowers.

Tulips and daffodils, known as iconic spring flowers, are the most popular paint parties every spring. They are simple to paint and will add beauty to your decor. However, there are a variety of other flowers that can be used as painting subjects. Flowers such as the aromatic and colourful Hyacinth, the enigmatic three-colour trio of Iris, and the exquisite Lilac.

Any of those flowers, when painted, can bring the beauty of spring into your hallway or corridor area.

Sakura or Japanese Cherry blossom trees

Sakura tree

These trees have a magical quality to them, which is why many people come to see them in early spring. To paint flower trees, we can use a variety of techniques such as a little brush, an art spatula, or even cotton buds. Painting Sakura is highly soothing experience, thus one of our paintings, “Fuji in spring,” is part of our Zen collection.

Hang this style of painting in your bathroom to create a spa-like atmosphere.



Did you know the evergreen Magnolia tree has been around for over 95 million years and has approximately 210 species?

Not only that, but Magnolia is a symbol of purity, beauty, splendour, and other things in many countries and cultures.

Painting a magnolia blossom differs from painting other flowers since the flower itself grows directly off the branch. The petals will be painted in gorgeous umber colours using a combination of mixing and watercolour methods.

Magnolia painting may add romanticism to your bedroom.

Cute animals or birds

Spring bird

Spring brings not only the blooming of flowers, but also the adorable animals such as rabbits, lambs, birds and etc.

Painting chicks or bunnies around Easter time can be fun family activities that aren’t limited to colouring easter eggs. These paintings will not only make you happy, but will also look great in a child’s room or living room. One of the great things you can arrange for this Easter is our “Easter bunny” painting.

Buzz in the air – honey bee


Beehives and honeybees are fantastic spring painting subjects. They are simple to create and are great works of art for introducing spring into your home. One of our paintings, “Honey, honey,” can be a great date night or a romantic art project at home.

Bees have a long history of symbolic connotations as well. They are highly sociable insects, excellent team players, and are well known as a community with a complex hierarchy.

They represent royalty, love, and spirituality.



Butterflies, someone once said, are more like flowers; their only benefit is that they can touch the sky. Because you can mix and match colours to make one-of-a-kind wings, they’re a great choice for a paint party.

It doesn’t matter what colour you choose for your home. It will look good in any room of your house.

How we can help…

Are you seeking for a new activity with a group of ladies (or gents)? Do you want to try something new and creative? Do you want to be inspired by new ideas? If you’re in the London area, consider attending a Paint & Sip social party! Come spend a pleasant day or evening learning how to paint; we can hold a Paint & Sip Party at a variety of locations throughout the city! Our paint parties are not fine painting lessons, so no prior expertise is required. They are intended to be a pleasant, easygoing, and wonderfully unforgettable experience for everyone.

Our event calendar features a number of upcoming spring activities in the London region, or contact us to organise a custom themed event just for you. Choose your entire experience, tell us what you want, and we will arrange your event to match your painting theme: matching tablecloths, colourful aprons, candles, and so on.

We will show you how to paint step by step, so that at the conclusion of the event, you will have a fantastic piece of artwork that you can keep forever. Our experienced art educator will be on hand to assist you learn simple skills like brush strokes and layering using acrylic paints. Perhaps you’ll discover a hidden artistic talent you didn’t know you had! Our Paint & Sip parties are relaxed art courses where your group may create their own unique piece of art from start to finish. So, even if you’ve never painted before, you’ll be able to create your own one-of-a-kind work of art to take home and remember your day by.

Not based in London?

We can send our art kits to you to set up your very own celebration anywhere you choose. Or why not hold a Paint & Sip Party in a Box (for a virtual online celebration). This option also allows for members of your party to virtually join in the fun from pretty much anywhere in the world! People who can’t come in person can get an art kit and a link that lets them join online.

We can provide everything you need to create the perfect Paint & Sip Party. They can be booked for an in-person or a hybrid party in London or a virtual event to be shared with friends all over the world. When you book a private party, we offer an option for you to choose from our complimentary invites, which can be printed out or sent electronically. We are a mobile paint party company. We can come to your home, office or your chosen venue. Or, as mentioned above, provide you with the Paint & Sip Party in a Box option.

A Paint & Sip Party is a wonderful way to welcome in the Spring season and spend some quality time with family and friends.

Final thoughts?

Certainly, spring is a beautiful time of the year. But it also gives us a chance to look at new opportunities and exciting things that we can do after a long, cold, and grey winter. Go to the park, have a walk by the river, do some hiking. Being close to nature will restart your senses and will inspire you to bring more happiness and beauty in your daily life.

So, do you have a special occasion coming up or just want to join one of our paint parties? Fill the enquiry form here or check our event calendar.

Let’s paint something beautiful and make some happy memories together this spring.

With love,

Mariella 💖


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