ukulele instrument

What type of painting will we paint?

We can offer a few different options for the guests to choose from such as tropical flowers and leaves,  flamingos and other seasonal ideas. However, this workshop is not only for summer.  You can paint & create ukuleles even for Christmas parties. The options are unlimited.

What is a ukulele?

Ukulele is a cute, small four-stringed instrument which originated in Portugal but was brought by emigrants to Hawaii. It looks like a mini classic guitar. 

English speakers pronounce it as “you-ka-ley-ley”, however, and the original Hawaiian pronunciation is “ju-ke-lei-li.


Why choose a ukulele-making workshop?

This is a very unusual workshop which is why this experience is unique and unforgettable. 

Your team members will not only paint and design their personal ukulele but will assemble the instrument and maybe even give a little bit of play.



What to expect during this party? 

We will bring ukulele kits for each team member and set up the room as a summer party. If the event is another season we will twist the decoration accordingly. Latin Caribbean music will be played throughout the entire party. 

All guests will receive a Hawaiin garland and we encourage people to come dressed up as a summer party (or accordingly to the theme of the event).


Materials 🎨

Paint Party Social Club provides all materials for the projects:

  • Ukulele kit including wooden body and neck
  • Strings and Saddle
  • Instruments to assemble the ukulele
  • Acrylic paints & cups to rinse out the brushes
  • Paint brushes and foam brush
  • Tablecloths & colourful aprons
  • Feel-good music
  • Instructor & Host of the event
  • An ECO bag to take your masterpiece safely home

Booking Terms 📑

Flat fee for up to 15 guests. Max number of guests – 50 people.

Available 🧑🏻‍🤝‍🧑🏻


Our Paint Party Style 🎉

  • The theme of your event will be customised according to the painting and the style of your event.
  • We are a mobile paint party service, so we can come to your office or chosen venue.
  • If you need additional help planning your events, we can help with professional event planning services.
  • We can help with a venue search after the paint party is confirmed. 
  • A complimentary e-invite for your guests. 

Easy Booking Process 🏷️

  1. Book with a £400 deposit payment.
  2. Discuss with us all details and coordination of the event.
  3. Pay the remaining balance.
  4. Enjoy the wonderful classic paint party.
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