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Ladies, it’s time for planning the perfect Hen Do Party

He asked the big question and you said ‘yes’! Or maybe the other way round, you asked and he said ‘yes’! Or maybe she asked and you said ‘yes’! (Let’s stay politically correct here :) ) Whoever asked who, once that ‘big rock’ is on your finger, it’s time to start planning your big event. No, not the wedding…the HEN PARTY! Open a bottle of wine, choose your bestie and get your planning hats on.

So many important questions: When and Where to hold the event? What type of event and activities? Who to invite (family and/or just friends)? What budget should you set? 

Whilst many questions may be dependent on the age and likes/dislikes of the bride-to-be. Young brides may want a raucaus party atmosphere, more mature brides may opt for something a little more sedate. There are many other factors to take into account. You also have to consider: your guests’ budgets (not everyone will have lots of cash to spare), the age range and physical restraints of the guests (some may not take kindly to pole dancing lessons)! You need to find activities that everyone in the bridal party will love.

Traditionally planning of the hen celebration is the responsibility of the Chief Bridesmaid or Maid of Honour, however as the Bride-to-be you may still want to be involved, at least in the outline plan. If your involvement is to be minimal, then please stop reading now and pass this over to your Chief Bridesmaid so as not to ruin the surprise!  

How soon before the wedding should the Hen Party be?

As a general rule of thumb, 3-4 weeks before the event should be adequate time for the bride-to-be to recover and tend to any last-minute wedding plans. This also allows enough time to plan and organise everything, but isn’t too far in advance of the wedding that it loses the excitement.

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The 5 unspoken rules of planning a Hen Party

Planning the Hen Party comes with a few special responsibilities…making the day fun and exciting can be tricky but following a few simple rules can make the world of difference!

Rule #1 Surprises are optional – consider the personality of your bride-to-be. The spontaneous bride will love surprises, while the plan-loving bride might freak out. So plan accordingly!

Rule #2 The party doesn’t have to be X-rated…at least not all the time. Let’s face it, a little naughtiness here and there can stir up some memorable laughs for everyone. 

Rule #3 Always consult the bride-to-be on who she wants to invite. Does she want her mum and mum-in-law to be part of the day or just friends, for example?

Rule #4 What happens at the hen party stays at the hen’s party…remember the Chick Code!

Rule #5 Make sure you get the bride-to-be home in one piece! Back to her groom safe and sound.

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Release your Inner Artist

There are so many Hen Party ideas and activities, it’s difficult to find something new and different that everyone will enjoy.

Here at Merriment Atelier, we have created the perfect Hen Party activity for all ages and abilities! Something that is not only great fun, but everyone in the party can join in and it won’t break the bank!

Your bridal party will also have their very own unique piece of artwork to take-away and keep as a reminder of that special day. If you are in the London area, we can host a Stylish Hen Paint & Sip Party! Our Paint & Sip parties are very informal art classes where your bridal party (even those with ladies with no previous painting experience), can create their very own bespoke piece of art from start to finish.

We can make the class as in-depth as you wish, looking at different painting techniques such as brushstrokes and layers or just give your guests a blank canvas and leave them to it. Choose your painting theme: something bride or wedding related, or maybe something particularly special to the bride-to-be?

Choose your whole experience and we will style your event according to your painting theme: matching tablecloths, colourful aprons, candles etc. etc. Add a glass or two of great wine, Prosecco (who doesn’t love bubbles!), cocktails/mocktails or any non-alcoholic beverage to make the event an even more relaxed experience.

We can arrange at a time to fit perfectly around any other Hen Party plans you may have. Choose from our Classic Hen Party, our Deluxe Hen Party or our Hen Party in a Box (for a virtual online celebration).

The last option allows for members of your bridal party to virtually join in the fun from pretty much anywhere in the world! We can send an art kit to all your party guests who are unable to attend in person, plus a link to click to virtually join your party online.

Going away? pack our kits in your suitcase and take them to your hen destination. Not in London? again we can send our art kits to you to set up your celebration anywhere you choose.

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Planning your perfect Hen Party

To help get you started in planning the perfect Hen Party, we’ve put together a little checklist:

  • Consult the bride-to-be, to at least discuss possible dates!
  • Plan the guest list for the bridal party, names and email addresses or WhatsApp numbers of all potential guests (again, you’ll need input from the Bride-to-be)
  • Hold a hen party planners meeting to make any big decisions and plan the days’ itinerary
  • Start booking the activities. Contact Merriment Atelier, we can help!
  • Establish the budget (it’s traditional for the bridal party to chip in and cover the cost for the Bride-to-be, however if you choose one of our Stylish Hen Paint & Sip Parties the Bride-to-be paints for free!)
  • Set up a WhatsApp or Facebook group and update the guests with the date, venue and costs etc.
  • Collect money from your guests
  • Message the guest list with any changes to the final details
  • Get ready to enjoy the day!
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Don’t forget to invite the Bride-to-be

Once you have the final plans in place for the days’ celebrations, why not send a bespoke invite to the Bride-to-be! Here are a few fun ideas to invite the Bride-to-be to her own hen party:

  • Write her a hen party poem
  • Design a scavenger hunt with an invite reveal
  • Create a destination postcard invite
  • Give her a gift with clues
  • Record a hen do invite video with members of the bridal party

How we can help?

We can provide everything you need to celebrate your Hen Paint & Sip Party in style. You can book us for an in-person or hybrid party in London or a virtual event with friends all over the world. When you book a private party, we offer an option for you to choose from our complimentary invites. You can print them out or send them electronically.

Let us know how we can make the day perfectly reflect your Bride-to-be’s interests and wishes to help give her a memorable Hen Party that will stay with her forever. 

A Hen Paint & Sip Party is a wonderful way to spend some quality time with family and friends without the cheesiness of a stripper (at least not until later in the eve!) Painting is a fabulous, relaxing and fun activity and a great way to discover and appreciate your inner artist! 

So, if you have never tried a Hen Paint & Sip Party, contact us today and make it part of your Bride-to-be’s special day!

With love,

Mariella 💖