women hold paintigns

What is a Mum’s night out paint party?

Every mum needs to have time to relax. Quality time when she can lay back, have fun and unplug from all mum responsibilities.  

Mums’ night out is a paint party where mums come together and have a fantastic time painting, giggling and (why not?) sipping a glass of bubbly.

Why plan a Mum’s night out?

Painting is a wonderful way to spend about two hours with other mums. It’s an activity that will make your soul happy, your mind calm and most importantly – will make you feel good about yourself.

What will you paint at the mum’s night out?

If you join one of our social art classes, you will be painting the painting on the day.  Have a look at here what’s coming up?

If you book a mum’s night out as a private paint party, you will be able to choose from selections of beautiful paintings. HERE you can make an enquiry for a private paint party.

How long does the paint party last ?

Most of our parties are approx 2 hours. For a private party, this time can be slightly longer or shorter. 

How does a party go?

We provide all materials for the paint party. Beautiful aprons, happy music and an instructor who will show you step by step how/what to paint.

We encourage you to arrive 20-30 mins earlier, choose your seat and grab yourself a drink.

painting of lemons on easel