young woman smiling and holding a painting with oranges

What is a mini-paint party?

This is a short and sweet version of the classic paint party. You and your team will paint a beautiful painting of your choice on an A4 canvas for about one hour.

You will get the whole experience of the paint party in a shorter time.

Why plan an office mini-paint party?

A mini-paint party is a great option if you’ll like to treat your team at the office after a long week or as a once-a-week, bi-monthly, or monthly creative well-being workshop.

The fantastic employee perk option is the shortest version of the original paint and sip party.

What will the experience include?

We will arrive at your office 30 to 60 minutes earlier to set up the allocated area. All we need from you are tables and chairs ready for us to set up. Before the party, we can discuss the table plan. We will bring all the materials, themed aprons, and happy music to make the party going. 

We recommend organising some snacks and drinks because, like this, the party will be a complete party 🥳.

Do you need any painting experience?

Absolutely not. This is a fun art class, not a fine art workshop.  Everyone can paint with us as we give very simple, step-by-step instructions, so everyone feels comfortable and easy to paint.

The set-up and the music we create help the creative juices flow.

painting of lemons on easel


Materials 🎨

Paint Social Club provide all materials for the mini-paint party. 

  • A4 Premium canvas board
  • Acrylic paints
  • Paintbrushes
  • Tablecloths & cups to rinse out the brushes
  • Colourful aprons
  • Feel-good music
  • Example of the painting
  • Instructor & Host of the party
  • An ECO bag to take your masterpiece safely home 

Booking Terms 📑

Flat fee for up to 15 guests. Max number of guests – 50 people. 

We offer this party only in London city.

Our Paint Party Style 🎉

  • The theme of your event will be customised according to the painting and the style of your event.
  • We are a mobile paint party service, so we can come to your office or chosen venue.
  • If you need additional help planning your events, we can help with professional event planning services.
  • A complimentary e-invite for your guests. 

Easy Booking Process 🏷️

  1. Book with a £200 deposit payment.
  2. Discuss with us all details and coordination of the event.
  3. Pay the remaining balance.
  4. Enjoy the amazing Mini-paint party.