If you are a manager or team leader looking for the best way to unite all of your team members together in an exciting and inspiring activity, look no further. Our team buildings paint party activities are fantastic choice!

Painting is considered a creative, relaxing, and calming activity. Many studies show that the painting process itself makes people feel happier, experience inner peace and can even bring them into a meditative state.

In fact, team buildings that are based on creative activities, in particular painting, will have an excellent positive influence on your business too.


What is the Paint Party Social Club?

Paint Party Social Club is an event company specialising in creative team buildings and art & craft entertainment. Our workshops are fantastic options for team-building or bonding events, staff appreciation workshops or just to paint away the office stress.

What makes our events unique?

We have theme paint parties where the entire style of the party is around painting. This includes themed aprons, tablecloths, music and other decorations. We have options including rotation painting, puzzle painting and murder mystery painting.

Why art and creative activities?

Studies have shown that art RELIEVES STRESS, encourages CREATIVE THINKING, and improves EMPLOYEE MORALE and ENGAGEMENT … but more importantly – it’s FUN! And the best part is anyone can do it! We are not fine art, we are fun art!

Team Spirit London Paint Party

Mini Paint Party

This is a small project on A4 canvas. It lasts approximately 60 minutes and it’s great for a staff appreciation workshop or team bonding paint party at the office or as part of a big corporate event.

Classic Paint Party

The team will paint on A3 canvas for about 2 hours. This is the perfect activity for team bonding or team-building events. We can offer a few options for team building which will rally the team and develop great team spirit.

picture of team bulding paint party
Popup art bar Paint party London

PopUp Artsy Bar

This option is based on mini make & take projects, designed to give painters a creative break! Because everyone needs a little artsy in their day!

The Popup Artsy Bar can be booked for a minimum of 3 hours. Team members can pop in and create a small project for about 15-20 min.


Christmas Paint Party 

Let’s paint and party for Christmas. Festive decoration, Christmas aprons and party accessories. This Christmas paint party will be epic for your team.

mystery murder paint party

Mystery murder paint party

Starting as an original paint n’ sip with step-by-step instructions this team-building activity will turn into a “crime scene”. When everyone’s brushes are put down, one will be murdered. Who will it be? Who will the killer be??? The only certainty is that the laughs will be plenty and the paintings will be lovely.

Halloween team boo-nding

Dress up in a fancy Halloween costume and let the creative monster get out of your chest. Halloween is a great time to have a “scary, ghosty, witch or black magic” party at the office. With a combination of Halloween treats and drinks, this paint party can be one of a kind which everyone will remember for years to come.

halloween party