team building craft workshop

What is a creative Christmas party?

Art or craft team building activities are a fantastic way to spoil your team this festive season. Painting and crafting Christmas ornaments, Christmas wreaths and many more are fun activities and will uplift the team spirit.

Christmas is the best time of the year to make the employees and team members feel like a part of a big family. Undoubtedly, the creative Christmas party is the best option for that.

How long in advance can you book a creative Christmas party?

We will need a minimum of 3 weeks to prepare a fabulous creative Christmas party for you. Some projects may require more time. That is why you should let us know as soon as you decide to throw a creative Christmas party, so you will have more time to discuss details with us.

Where can you have your party?

The location is up to you. We can visit your office, a public venue, or a hotel conference room. Wherever you’d like to have your party, ensure there are tables and chairs so we can easily set up a wonderful artsy studio for you.

Are there any festive decorations included in the party?

Yes, absolutely. Our tablecloths and aprons are festive. We also add some cute decorations to the table and candles with lovely fragrances.

You have an opportunity to upgrade your party with more festive decorations if you wish. This includes accessories for your team members. 

 How long will the party last?

Our Christmas paint & craft workshops are approximately 2 hours. However, it depends on your group size. If there are more than 20 guests, the party may go up from two and a half hours to three hours. 

The project you will also be creating may also make the timing vary. 

 How does it work?

You only need to select a painting from our library, and we will do the rest of the planning. We will come with festive aprons and tablecloths, some small, cute Christmas accessories for your team members, and Christmas songs of your choice.

We can incorporate some fun quizzes or games. If you have planned a Secret Santa, or your company has some Christmas gifts or awards like employee of the year or similar – the Christmas paint party can be the perfect time to have all those activities come together.

Our service includes food & drinks recommendations, so you can order catering which will perfectly complement the theme of the party.

Christmas craft workshop


Materials 🎨

Paint Party Social Club provides all materials for the projects.

  • A3 Premium canvas board
  • Acrylic paints
  • Paintbrushes
  • Tablecloths & cups to rinse out the brushes
  • Colourful aprons
  • Feel-good music
  • Example of the painting
  • Instructor & Host of the party
  • An ECO bag to take your masterpiece safely home 

Booking Terms 📑

For some Christmas projects, you may need to book your event over a month in advance.

Our Paint Party Style 🎉

  • Your paint party experiences will be decorated in  Christmas festive style. 
  • We are a mobile paint party service, so we can come to your office or chosen venue.
  • If you need additional help planning your events, we can help with professional event planning services.
  • We can help with a venue search after the paint party is confirmed. 
  • A complimentary e-invite for your guests. 
  • We can offer additional decorations and Christmas accessories for your team.

Easy Booking Process 🏷️

  1. Book with a £200 deposit payment.
  2. Discuss with us all details and coordination of the event.
  3. Pay the remaining balance.
  4. Enjoy the amazing Christmas art & craft team-building party.