What makes us different?

Our mission is to help people to discover the joy of creating something beautiful and through the process to inspire them to bring positivity, a feeling of happiness and well-being into their lives.

That is why we design their experience by creating meaningful pictures, pictures with an interesting story behind them, inspirational pictures, themed workshops and so on.

For example, we have a Mindfulness Collection with Zen & Calming images, a Seasonal Collection related to big seasonal events like Christmas, Easter, Mother’s day and so on.

  • We offer a pairing menu to complement the experience – we pre-select 3 drinks and 2 snacks from the venue menu, which we introduce as pairing drinks & food menu. Before and during the event we encourage our guests to purchase from this particular menu if they wish to complete their experience. However, the guests are free to order anything else from the venue menu.
  • We also offer Premium events, Private Parties, Corporate events and live online painting parties which follow the same personalised experience.

We like to call our events a sophisticated style of classical painting and wine parties.

We offer up to three hours of experience.

We offer approximately two  and a half hours to three hours of experience (this depends on the size of the painting), where the event follows a well-balanced and relaxed flow:

  • People arrive at the venue 15–30 minutes before the event and our guest experience host welcomes them at the door. As all guests are pre-booked, we have their names on record.
  • A glass of Prosecco or wine (if it’s included in their tickets) is served as a welcome drink. We provide a small printed menu with pairing food & drinks, so our guests can order additional things during the event and the break.
  • Before the event starts, the guest experience host gives safety and housekeeping instructions covering all important information about COVID-19.
  • We encourage the venue wait staff to walk around every now and then and take orders for food and drink.
  • During our up to three-hour-long experience, our guests have one break of 15 minutes. This is a great opportunity for our guests to order some additional food and drink.
  • After the break, the event will continue following the same regulations.

What do we offer to our partner venues?

  • Enjoying the benefit of additional paying customers to supplement their sales on less busy days and evenings. As mentioned above, we encourage our guests to have fun and take full advantage of the events by offering them a pairing experience menu.
  • We advertise the venue on our website, our social media channels and flyers which we regularly distribute.
  • Our events are a great opportunity for the venue to promote their private dining rooms or special seasonal offers.
  • As we also offer private and corporate events, we always recommend partners’ venues to our clients, which is an additional income stream for them.

How do the venues partner with us?

It is very important for us that our venue partners enjoy working with us as much as we enjoy working with them. That is why we have a simple, yet excellent organised system and process of events production.

  • Our team arrives approx 1 ½ to 2 hours before the event to set up. We bring everything we need to perform our events (paint, canvas, tablecloths etc.)
  • The only requirement we have is for all tables to be ready as per our table plan. We provide the final table plan to the venue manager a day before the event, as sometimes we have last-minute bookings.
  • According to the event, beforehand we will have pre-selected the food and drink which will complement the theme of the event. The venue is free to offer something additional to encourage our guests to purchase more, to arrive early or to stay longer. This could be anything similar to happy hour, or special discount or so on. We advertise these special offers through all our channels.
  • Our team needs approx. 30–45 min to clean up after the events, so in total, we will be at the venue for about 4 ½ to 5 hours max.
  • The paints we use for our events are water-based acrylic paints, which means they are easily washable from hard surfaces. However, we provide stable and as much as possible secure equipment to minimise the risk of any spillage. However, in the case of accidental spillage, we have cleaning products that work on any type of surface.

Benefits of the venue working with us.

  • No cost for the venue.
  • New customers and great entertainment for existing ones.
  • Additional profit and better sales on quiet days.
  • PR and marketing opportunities, as we advertise the events; however, the venue can use the event as a PR tool to attract new customers too.
  • The venue can use the events to promote private dining rooms and private or corporate parties. Flyers or brochures can be displayed in the room.
  • We have an option for the venue to sponsor an event. That means that if there is something that the venue want to promote, we can include it in our pairing menu. So, for example, if the venue has a new wine that they want to be promoted, a small glass of the wine will be served complimentary as a welcome with a new drink (for example new wine, new menu, and so on).

The venue has to be able to offer.

  • A room with a minimum capacity of 20 guests up to 60 people spread around the room following the same instructions for restaurants and bars.
  • The room has to be bright with excellent lighting. The presence of windows is highly desirable.
  • The room must be quiet as, throughout the entire event, our instructors have to talk to our guests. If the room is close to the venue’s main room, this could be disturbing for the guests.
  •  The room for our events has to be an open space without any columns or obstacles. They have to be able to arrange the room in a way that fits our needs.
  • There has to be a stand with a hand sanitiser in front of the room where the event is happening.

The process of becoming our venue partner.

  • If you have a room which follows our requirements, we will organize a day for a visit. After our inspection, if your lovely venue ticks all the boxes, we will plan a test event. We want you to experience working with us so you can be sure that both parties are comfortable in this partnership.
  • After the test event, we will sign a contract to outline everything listed above as an official agreement.If you’d like to have a chat with us and discuss this fantastic opportunity, email us at hello@paintpartysocialclub.co.uk We are very much looking forward to working with you.