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Decorating for a romantic dinner at home for Valentine’s Day is an important part of the experience. All you need is a nice, sexy dinner menu, delicious drinks and a handcrafted Valentine’s card with a sweet message in it. However, adding some lovely Valentine’s decorations will definitely make the evening extraordinarily special.

There are so many elements you can add to the table, in the room or even on the door. You can have a lot of fun by doing something by yourself like acrylic-painted Valentine’s cards. You can add a bit of a romantic touch by making and printing the dinner menu with a personal message or other small romantic elements. Keep reading for some awesome ideas.

To inspire you with more ideas and to make your Valentine’s table decoration easy, we’ve prepared a list for you with the romantic items you can order online. You don’t need to have all of them. Just choose the ones that will complete your romantic home setup.

The products below are linked to our shop where we carefully select products we love and can genuinely recommend to our merry community. As we’re Amazon affiliate partners, we may receive commissions on purchases made from our chosen links. This doesn’t affect the price for you and will help you quickly and easily find and buy everything you need for Valentine’s Day decorations at home.

Here it is a list with inexpensive valentine decor ideas:

For the table


Tall candles look more sophisticated and elegant than the pillar ones.

They’re definitely the best choice for special occasions; however, any other candles like tea or floating ones will be good too. Whatever type you choose, avoid fragranced candles for the dining table. You can have them anywhere else in the room, but on the dining table, try to avoid smells that can change the taste of the food and drinks.


Heart plates are a wonderful way to make the table look special and different than just a normal dinner.

The heart plates can be small ones just for the dessert or you can have the entire dinner served in different sizes of heart plates.


If you don’t have heart plates, you can use red napkins.

This will give some colour to the table and will complement Valentine’s theme table setting.


Alternatively, you can have a napkin ring with a heart. To make it look even more romantic, add a little red flower. Check out the paper template we’ve prepared for you. You can buy a bit more expensive paper because you’ll only need one A4 sheet.

Print and cut the napkin rings and arrange them any way you like.


Another lovely way to add a bit more red to the table can be a table mat.

Of course, you can choose a table mat in pink, dark pink, burgundy or any other shade you prefer.

This is really helpful if you don’t have suitable tablecloths.


You also can add some colour by dressing the chairs.

You can use either a big red ribbon or small ones.

Chairs with small accents on them always look lovely and make the table more attractive and special.


We mentioned at the beginning that your choice of the sexy menu can make a dinner date truly exciting.

You can achieve this with some decor details which can also be made by you.

For example, you can cut out different sizes and shades of red hearts and glue them to toothpicks. You can then decorate the desserts or any other course from the menu.


Little sparkles on the table like heart confetti, for example, is one of those romantic elements that don’t cost a lot but contribute to the visual experience a lot.

Anything that will reflect the candlelights can be perfect.


The same as the plates, glasses with hearts make a wonderful statement of “this is a very special dinner”.

We love these champagne flutes which can also be used for cocktails.


Speaking of cocktails, sticks with hearts can be a lovely touch to decorate the glass.

If you’re a cocktail lover, you may want to check out our recommended cocktails for couples.


Flowers are what will make Valentine’s table decorations look expensive and luxurious.

A few small vases with only one flower in them could be a good inexpensive option. You can add extra elegance with a short vase with beautiful flowers in it.

Valentine’s Day room decorations

After getting everything ready on the table, you can look around and think about adding some romantic elements to the room.

Here are some nice ideas:


These garlands can be stuck to the wall behind or next to the table, and they will immediately transform the room.

Garlands provide a wonderful background if you like to share your romantic dinner with friends on social media.


Balloons for Valentine’s Day are a bit like chocolates for this day. We like any kind of balloon, but this particular one is awesome because you have a whole set—the love sign, the heart balloons and the small red ones for the floor.

This will be a fantastic addition to your home and will be a fabulous way to transform the room.


Fairy lights will make the room look magical and extra special.

You can’t go wrong with them. You can have as many lights as you wish. In fact, the more you have, the better.

They will turn the room into an extra special and romantic place.


I don’t know about you, but cushions are one of those things we are pretty much addicted to.

Just a couple of cushions on the sofa or on the chairs where you will have your dinner will make such a cosy and homey feel.

A sweet Valentine cushion can be a wonderful gift as well.

Final thoughts

Decorating for Valentine’s Day at home is something we definitely recommend because this will make your experience unforgettable and remarkable, especially if you like to have a special theme for that evening and want to do some interesting things together.

Here are some pro-tips for you:

Start getting ready and organise everything for Valentine’s Day at least 2 weeks ahead.

Make a small plan and checklist with everything you will need for the dinner and the decoration.

Do the shopping for decorations as soon as possible. Don’t leave it until the last minute because you may not be able to find everything you need.

The food and drink shopping is good to be done 2-3 days before the date.

If you are not a big cook, there are fantastic options for romantic meals for two.

You can check out the M&S “Love is on the menu” dine-in menu with Fred Sirieix.

You could also try Sainsbury’s “No-pressure Valentine’s menu”. 

To complete this special evening with something really unique and memorable—get one of our amazing romantic painting kits. You can choose from painting beautiful white swans, a red rose or a contemporary heart with roses.

I guess you already have some awesome ideas for 14th February. Share with us—what are you planning to do?

Lots of love

Mariella 💖