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What makes Christmas a special time for you?

Is it the cold winter nights tucked up under a blanket, a crackling fire or a warm mug of chocolatey goodness and gooey marshmallows? Christmas is the time of year to enjoy the little things and give back to those around us that we care about.

We all know it can be hard deciding what to buy for those special people, and that’s why we’ve compiled 15 handcrafted gifts for those friends, family members and loved ones to pop a smile on their faces this winter season. Keep reading to discover our most unique gifts of 2020.

Create your own candle

Are you struggling to decide which fragrance to fill your home with this Christmas? Why not make your own! Save old cooking and confectionery jars, fill them with some scented wax, pop in a wick and you are good to go. Decorate your containers in whichever style you like to grab the attention of all your friends and family.

Fluffy blankets

Creative activities are known to put a stressful mind at ease and knitting is one of those crafts you can do while cosied up on the sofa and watching your favourite TV programme. Win-Win! Give the gift of warmth this Christmas with a handwoven blanket flourishing with fluffy pom poms.

Bespoke bookmarks

Simple to make and with very minimal equipment, bookmarks can be as plain or imaginative as you like. With the extra time 2020 has given us, now is the perfect time to encourage our loved ones to pick up an engaging read and accompany it with their own little bookmark token.

Portrait painting from home

An avid part of the Christmas season is the ability for us to give back, particularly with charity. Merriment Atelier is hosting three charity events over December including paint a portrait of your pet, Cosy Christmas painting and Family Painting Party. Each event will donate towards specific charities and gives you the opportunity to paint a picture with a message to gift that special someone.

Homemade sweet treats

I am sure all parents know the true way to children’s hearts is with fluffy sweet treats and chewy candies. Being the easiest craft to make from home, you can gift your little ones their favourite chocolates or amp it up for adults and go for sweet, spiced nuts or gourmet marshmallows to plonk into those warming hot chocolates.

Scented soaps

Similar to candles, soaps are a great gift to fill your stockings with this year. Grace the homes of those you care about with blissfully scented soaps and they will quickly become their new favourite cleaning product.

Personalised baubles

A wonderful way to decorate your home with Christmas is with personalised, hand-painted baubles. Better yet why not personalise them with someone in mind and gift them a decoration inspired by their brilliance. Be adventurous with paint, felt, glue and glitter to build a unique decoration that dances around the Christmas tree.

Paint and Sip in style experience gift card

Merriment Atelier creates a peaceful working environment where you can sit down with a drink of your choice and merrily paint a picture envisioned by their team of artists. The best part? You don’t need any painting skills to take part. The layout is a follow-along session with guided help from a professional artist who in turn will teach you how to paint a wonderful picture to wrap and gift your fellow creatives.

Card games

With 2020 being a difficult year for everyone, it is important to remember to bring fun back to the festivities. Why not make family game night extra special this year and gift your siblings or friends some hand-drawn game cards. You can play around with many ideas including customized guess who, memory games and snap.

Flavoured salts

Not a sweet tooth? We have an idea for everyone! These assortments of salts cater to every savoury person’s needs. Simply place the flavoured salts into mini jars, stick on a handwritten label and get creative with your gift box presentation!


The best gift for 2020 must be facemasks. This year has brought a new meaning to the word facemask and it would not be an accurate list if we forgot to feature these little face cosies. Bring some positivity back into the year by finding some vibrant, playful fabrics and stitching them into a small facemask to keep yourselves safe and sound.

Bubble bath box

Gift boxes are one of the top Christmas gifts which are often overlooked. Brim your bespoke box with an assortment of bath bubbles, bombs, and soothing salts. All you need to make this mini box of treats extra special is some gift wrap and a heartfelt handwritten message.

Bath Bombs

You do not need to be a creative genius to make beautiful presents. Going out and buying expensive luxury mini gifts can quickly add up and are even more unique when you take the time to sit down and make them yourself. Go wild with your choice of colours and figure out what aroma you’d love to fill the bathroom with.

Customised table trays

If you’re DIY inclined this is a great gift idea for you. Dig out those old table trays that have fell to the back of your kitchen cupboards and give them a fresh lick of paint and a hand-painted message, quote or name to grace the face of the board.

Christmas cookies in a jar

Feeling super lazy or just running out of time and don’t want to cook? We can understand that. Skip the complicated part and gift your special someone a jar brimmed full of cookie dough ingredients ready to pop out and jump in the oven. All you will need are the dry measures of one cookie per jar including all the good bits, sugar and chocolate chips or dried fruits.

Which of these gifts reminds you of that special someone? We love to hear your thoughts and ideas so make sure to get involved in the conversation across our social media channels Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

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